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iPhone & iPad ) –

Sticky nodes animator is a fully featured animation app for iPhone and iPadthat lets you create your own animated movie and export your creation inanimated GIFs or MP4 movie format. One of the best animation apps foriPhone/iPad, it comes with tons of features which can help you to makeprofessional like animated movies , add animated characters & soundtracks andeven your own voice and lots of other movie editing tools .If you want to create animated movies and video clips for YouTube, Stickynodes Pro app would be the best animator app for your iDevice. Fullyfunctional animation app for iPhone/iPad that comes with lots of amazingfeatures such as – automatic framing option for smooth animation, sound toolwith movie like sound effects, virtual camera to move & zoom character like amovie, color & text tools, thousands of stickfigures and many other options.One of the best animation apps for animators.If you are a creative animator and want to make own animated movie likeprofessional, this app could be the perfect option for your iDevice.Recommended

2. 🙋 iStopMotion Animation App ( for iPhone & iPad ) –

Beautifully designed fully functional animation app for iPad users.iStopMotion comes with very easy to use UI that can help you to make your ownanimated movies quickly. Great animation app that has lots of useful features– camera overlay feature to animate scene quickly with perfection, instantplayback option, iCloud integration, online sharing option and more. Simpleand easy to use animation app for iPad. iStopMotion is one of the best premiumanimation apps on the Appstore for creative iPad users.

3. 🙋 Animation Creator ( iPhone ) –

If you are looking for featured rich animation app for your iPhone, AnimationCreator would be the best animation app for your device that comes with lotsof features. Animation creator is a useful iPhone animation app that lets youcreate beautiful animations quickly with your iPhone.Animation Creator comes with many useful animation creation tools includingeasy to use drawing tools, frame management feature , importing projects fromexpress version, importing images to layers using camera or library , custombackground option, frame rotation feature and audio support option. Simple,easy and powerful animation app for iPhone users.

4. 🙋 Animation Desk for iPad –

Animation Desk is a featured rich animation app for iPad that comes with verynice user interface. Great app that comes with lots of animation creationtools which can help you to make beautiful hand drawn animations on your iPad.Useful animation app that allows you to create realistic animation scenes byusing amazing backgrounds , audio effects, stamp tools and different types ofpainting and animation tools. Animation Desk is one of the best iPad animationapps on the Appstore and it helps you create animated projects easily on youriPad.

5. 🙋 Stop Motion Studio Pro ( iPhone & iPad) –

Stop Motion Studio Pro is a fully functional animation app that lets youcreate professional animated movie easily on your on your iPhone or iPad andallows you to share videos to your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube & social mediaaccounts. Very useful and featured rich animation app that includes tons offeatures such as preloaded themes, titles & sound effects, overlay mode optionto view & control frames, animated objects which can be inserted through gridmode, you can capture images using volume button, a complete movie editingwith frame editing option and many other features. Probably the best animationapp for creative iPhone users.

6. 🙋 iMotion Pro ( iPhone & iPad ) –

iMotion Pro is a great animation app for your iPhone and iPad that allows youto take pictures, animate your photos, edit videos and export your movies inHD quality to your device or Youtube. Very useful animation app that includeslots of features such as 4 scene capture modes, ultra speed shooting option,variable frame rate playback and many other useful options including capturetools. If you are a professional animator, you would love this concept.iMotion pro is one of the best featured rich animation apps on the Appstore.Best CRM Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021Customer relationship management is a pragmatic practice that drives futuregrowth. It is done through comprehensive planning and the right approach.Throughout the long and engaging process of managing your customers, you haveto be prepared in advance to make the most of every opportunity coming yourway. Though there are various ways to maintain a healthy rapport withcustomers, well-designed apps can bring about amazing convenience to it. Wehave lined up the best iPhone and iPad CRM apps so that you can choose themost efficient app to boost your productivity. 1. Zendesk Sell 2. Contacts Journal CRM 3. Zoho CRM 4. Nimble 5. Salesmate – Sales CRM 6. Salesforce Inbox 7. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 8. Insightly CRM 9. OnePageCRM 10. Contactually 11. Capsule CRM

What are the Best Screen Mirroring Apps for iPhone and iPad?

There are several different apps that you can use to mirror your iPhone screento a larger display. They are all simple to set up and use with a variety ofTVs. Let’s check out the top ten.

6 Best DJ Apps for iPhone and iPad to Download Now

If you like music and want to make your own mixed songs then have a look atfollowing apps with their complete details.

2. SimpleMind: Best mind mapping app for students

Simple Mind will stimulate your creativity with its free canvas layout, whereyou can start a node anywhere to build your mind map. Nodes do not necessarilyhave to be attached to a parent node either, so you can take your timeconstructing ideas.Further, it supports many types of attachments such as documents, links,images, audio notes, and even videos.One unique feature is its capability to create maps from PDF files, saving alot of time. This makes it one of the best mind mapping apps for students. Iappreciate the built-in support for varied cloud services, including Dropbox,OneDrive, Google Drive, Nextcloud, and iCloud.Moreover, there are no ads even in the free version, allowing you to use itwithout distractions. However, you will need a paid subscription to store yourwork in the cloud.Pros * Variety of attachments * Cross-platform support * Cloud services integration * Multiple ways to share your mind maps Price: Free ($9.99 for Pro functionality)Download

6. Lucidchart: Best mind map app for flowcharts

Here’s an app that makes it super easy to create and view diagrams on youriPad or iPhone. It serves as a visual workspace that combines datavisualization, flowcharts, and collaboration to get things done. It boasts anincredibly intuitive interface that anyone can work on. If you’re confusedabout where to start, the predestined templates can help out.You can collaborate with others in real-time and add comments so that everyonestays on the same page. Further, it integrates with other tools like G Suite,Google Drive, Slack, Confluence, Jira, and more.You need to create a Lucidchart account to use the app, and this makes yourwork accessible across devices or even your browser. Moreover, it alsosupports offline viewing of documents. As a result, Lucidchart is excellentfor planning, visualizing, or illustrating any kind of project.Pros * Multiple flowchart options * Cloud storage support * Cross-platform integration * Collaboration featuresCons * Mind-mapping functionality could be betterPrice: Free ($5.99 for the basic plan)Download

3. Zoho – Best Invoicing App for iPhone and iPad

Zoho Invoice is the best web-based invoice app for iPhone to send invoices inbeautiful invoice templates. This invoice maker for iPad automatically sendspayment reminders and get paid faster online.It has many features to manage your paperwork like quick invoicing, easy timetracking, online payments, automated reminders, insightful reports, acceptonline payments, critical metrics for your business, and many more.Download Zoho for iPhone

1 best selling small business invoice app for iPhone in the

US. It makes it easy to create and send professional invoices to yourcustomers. QuickBooks is a very useful invoice app for iPad to save time andfor faster payments.It creates custom invoices and in a few clicks, you can add a company logo,change fonts and colors, add contact information and choose which items toappear on your invoices.You can even add detailed information about each item in your invoice, makingit easy for your customers to reconcile and pay on time.Download Quickbooks for iPhone”

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