20 Best CRM software of 2021 that you should know

20 Best CRM software of 2021 that you should know

You have decided to employ a CRM app for your business? Congratulations! Itmeans your business is growing. Or is it because your current system to manageyour clients has proved to be dysfunctional? No worries, you have come to theright place.In this article, we have put together the top 20 CRM software in 2021. Thereare more than a hundred CRM apps out there, claiming to be the best. They arein every form and style, can be free or expensive, and can even track yourclients or your deals with them or even the conversations.We’ve divided these 20 CRM apps into four categories according to theirfeatures and average pricing plan. From the lot, decide which one is betterfor your requirements. It’s not wise to force a square peg in a round hole,just because it’s free or looks pretty!So let’s first divide these into categories, for everyone’s sake.Contact management CRM 1. Batchbook 2. Nimble 3. Vtiger 4. Insightly 5. Clevertim 6. Google ContactsCRM for tracking conversations 1. Close.io 2. SalesforceIQ 3. Nutshell 4. ContactuallyCRM to follow up with leads and deals 1. Pipeliner 2. PipelineDeals 3. Base 4. Zoho CRM 5. Prosperworks 6. Pipedrive 7. HubSpot CRM 8. EngageBay 9. FreshsalesMultipurpose CRM 1. TrackVia 2. Odoo 3. PodioA customer relationship management app or software can be called as thenuclear of any business. Be it small or large, your company needs a CRM app todeliver a seamless customer experience. Not a single business can thrivewithout loyal and happy customers. Customer feedback then becomes the crust ofany good customer relationship.If you manage to handle both to go hand in hand, a powerful CRM with anengaging customer feedback system, you will be able to know your customers asyou should. A recent study by customer thermometer revealed that 68 percent ofyour customers leave due to the perceived interference. A CRM app is theperfect solution to be proactive and intuitive.

6: Google Contacts

Contacts are more than just an address book that is built into Gmail. You canadd any contact information to your contact list. Google automatically updatesyour contacts with Google+. You can keep ‘notes’ on contact pages, which is anamazing way to track information rather than saving it in the contact’s pagein the CRM app. Contacts also have an option to list all your correspondencewith that particular contact. If you select an email, you will be able to seeyour contact information on the side similar to many CRM add-ons. Though it isnot marketed under CRM, using its features let you be part of a CRM for free.Price: Free; included with Google Apps for Work, starting at $5/user/month

Improved customer satisfaction levels

The more you know about your customer (their behaviors, preferences, andneeds), the better your chance of satisfying their needs and gaining theirtrust. This is where a contact management system of a CRM helps a lot.

Efficient internal communication

With the application of CRMs and the best CRM software, companies can ensurethat all internal departments are on the same page. A company can keep itscontacts online and the same data is available to employees across allrelevant departments, creating seamless communication and improvingcollaboration.These are only some of the many advantages that an enterprise CRM systemprovides. If you want your company to be successful you should read on.According to IBM, if you don’t use a CRM in the modern age, around 79% of yourleads will fail to convert.

The best CRM systems

Now that we have explored CRM system features and realized just how importanta contact database can be, let’s take a look while we do a CRM comparison atsome of the best CRM options available:

2. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

Infusionsoft by Keap: Best CRM App for eCommerce BusinessesWhat makes Keap unique?Put in simple terms, Keap is one of the best CRM apps on the market fore-commerce and marketing.Unfortunately what also makes it unique is that you can’t sign up to it ontheir website. But a good old fashioned phone call later, and you can sign upfor a platform that will effectively handle your entire e-commerce workflow.Worth getting a top-up then.Keap is all set to rebrand Infusionsoft as Keap Max by February 2021, unifyingthe product line. This change will enable small businesses to bring marketingand sales automation easily to their businesses.Below is how the main dashboard will look like when you log into your Keapaccount:Keap by Infusionsoft DashboardWho is this CRM best suitable for?E-commerce merchants/businesses with 25 people or less looking to nurturetheir customers in a better way.How it all works?Keap is all about keeping your marketing processes running smoothly. As wellas managing your contacts and customer database in one handy place, you canuse it to create web forms, keep track of ROIs, launch sales campaigns, andthen even manage the shopping carts, coupon codes, product pages, etc. that goalong with it.With a range of customizable templates to work from and built-in lead scoring,so you know what’s working and where Keap helps you manage your campaigns withease.Customizable Templates for lead scoringAutomation FeaturesKeap’s campaign builder is designed to automatically assign tasks, as well astagging and following up on new leads, according to actions or timescales thatyou choose.Customers automatically get a personalized email when they pay, which savesyou time and lets them know what to expect next. This level of personalizationalso helps nurture your customers into returning customers, which is excellentfor your company’s bottom line.IntegrationsKeap by Infusionsoft launched its PayPal native integration, especially foreCommerce merchants. So, store owners who fall under the Keap Grow and Proplans can now accept payments via PayPal directly. Apart from this, if userswish to set up automated one-one or multi-step workflows between PayPal andKeap, Automate.io lets you do just that. Check out the PayPal and Keap byInfusionsoft integration.Connect Infusionsoft to Marketing, Payments & Form Apps. Sync, Collaborate,and be your Productive self with these Infusionsoft Integrations:Pricing: Starts at $79/month for 1 user with 500 contacts.

4. Microsoft Dynamics 365

ERP CRM software built for teams powered on Microsoft suite.What makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 unique?>Microsoft Dynamics 365 sews together customer relationship building andenterprise resource planning. With real-time customer data, you get to knowyour customers better.Microsoft Dynamics 365, a Microsoft CRM software, has predictive insightsbased on customer behavior data making it easy to drive better sales.It is more than just a CRM that focuses on relationship building and salespipeline management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 plays pivotal roles in: * Marketing: Helps in finding the right leads to nurture. * Services: Reduces operational costs by optimizing resources and delivering positive customer experiences. * Finance: Automatically handles complex finances and builds efficiency in finance management. * Operations: Automate manufacturing and supply chain management. * Commerce: Create an end-to-end seamless shopping experience for target customers. * HR: Optimize process and programs. Best CRM Apps – Microsoft Dynamics 365Sales is one part of this application, and that too quite comprehensive. WithMicrosoft Dynamics, you can quickly adapt to the changing demands of yourcustomers, thanks to this adaptive and intelligent system that is pre-built toget started with actionable insights instantly.Who is this CRM best suitable for?Microsoft Dynamics is ideal for medium-sized and large enterprises. Since itis by Microsoft, it works great with teams using other Microsoft services.Given its high pricing structure, it is mostly tagged as enterprise CRMsoftware.How it all works?Microsoft Dynamics 365 has AI working at its core to offer predictive insightsand let you focus only on the customers that matter. You focus on buildingrelationships with your target customers through unified solutions and datasync across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Fromshortening the sales cycle to enabling sales teams to scale their efforts,Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you manage the sales pipeline, drive revenue, anduse analytical data to scale your sales efforts.IntegrationsYou can integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with more than 200 work apps usingAutomate.io.PricingPaid plans start at $58/user/month [Dynamics 365 Sales Professional] and comewith core sales force automation and Microsoft 365 integration.

Common user feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on Capterra from sales management softwareusers in sales roles, here’s a list of things users like about HubSpot Salesand things they think could be improved.What users like: * HubSpot learning academy improves learning. Users find the HubSpot learning academy really helpful, as it offers a short course on how to implement and use the tool. * Marketing integration improves sales. Users mention that the tool’s integration with HubSpot Marketing provides centralized information on sales and marketing activities on a unified platform. This helps them attract more leads, close more deals, and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.What users think could be improved: * Contact management functions are lacking. Users would like to have a more feature-rich contact management interface, options to add multiple contacts in a sequence of emails, and the ability to merge contacts or companies to avoid duplicate entries.

Pipedrive: Sales CRM with pipeline management and customized reporting

Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM and pipeline management app for small andmidsize businesses (SMBs). It aims to help SMBs automate and streamline theentire sales process.Pipedrive categorizes deals based on the sales stage to prioritize high-impactdeals. Use the statistics tool to apply relevant filters for analyzing thesales pipeline and for identifying the sales stage that you want to improve.You can customize the sales pipeline by adding multiple sales stages, teammembers, and activities. Pipedrive’s drag-and-drop interface lets you adddeals, contacts, or activities to the pipeline.You can sync the scheduling functionality with Google Calendar to create andcustomize activities (e.g., a phone call, lunch, meeting, or email) and attachthe event to specific deals, contacts, or organizations. You can also accessGmail tasks, and Pipedrive will send automatic alerts and reminders foractivities that are due, overdue, or that have not been assigned.The customized reporting feature provides visual insights into salesperformance, opportunities, and other statistics, such as deal conversionrates, in the form of charts and tables. Apply custom filters to access otherdata such as the number of new deals added, the average age of deals, and thenumber of deals pending.Pipedrive’s mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Salesreps can access customer details, contacts, and deals data; check their to-dolists and log phone calls; send emails; and add meetings from theirsmartphones or tablets.Pipedrive sales pipeline management (Source)

Common user feedback trends

Based on the analysis of reviews on Capterra from sales management softwareusers in sales roles, here’s a list of things users like about Pipedrive andthings that they think could be improved.What users like: * Pipeline management feature shows accurate deal stage. Reviewers like the pipeline management feature because it allows them to see the exact stage of each deal in the sales pipeline. They also mention that the “rotting” feature helps sales managers identify deals that have been lying stagnant for a long time. * Intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Users feel that Pipedrive has a user-friendly interface and is easy to learn and use, even by a novice.What users think could be improved: * Email integration feature needs improvement. Users would like to see seamless integration with third-party email services such as Gmail and Outlook. This would help them avoid challenges in tracking and syncing email communications with clients and leads. * Outlook Calendar needs automatic alerts feature. Users feel that Pipedrive should offer an automatic alerts option in Outlook Calendar similar to the one embedded in its activity calendar.

Agile CRM: Sales enablement, marketing automation, customer service bundled

into one CRMAgile CRM is a CRM software suite that automates sales, marketing, andcustomer service tasks. It gives users a 360-degree view of contact data withdetails such as a chronological view of contact interactions, call notes, webactivity, and social presence. Its contact timeline feature offers relatedinformation about the customer’s journey on a single page.Agile CRM’s built-in calendar syncs with Google Calendar to notify users aboutupcoming meetings and appointments. It also lets you create events related tocalls, meetings, sales demos, and more.The tool’s deals management functionality lets you track deals, sales stages,and sales milestones. Its sales gamification functionality helps createfriendly competition between salespeople to boost engagement and team morale.The feature allows you to compare each rep’s performance based on deals won,calls generated, revenue earned, and other metrics.Agile CRM deals dashboard (Source)

Common user feedback trends

Based on the analysis of reviews on Capterra from sales management softwareusers in sales roles, here’s a list of things users like about Agile CRM andthings they think could be improved.What users like: * Built-in landing page feature saves money. Reviewers find the built-in landing page builder and web forms helpful, since they don’t have to invest more to buy those software tools. * Useful customizations. Users like that they can customize Agile CRM based on the sales process and related business needs. Features such as a custom widget (which users can create in JavaScript or any back-end server language), custom fields (used to track extra contact details and map additional fields from web forms or CSV files), and custom code are very useful.What users think could be improved: * Workflow needs to be more intuitive. Users want the workflow to be more intuitive so they can easily navigate and search for data. * Customer support staff should be more responsive. Users find the customer support team unresponsive and say support staff don’t offer resolutions to customer issues as quickly as they’d like.”

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