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20 Best CRM software of 2021 that you should know

You have decided to employ a CRM app for your business? Congratulations! Itmeans your business is growing. Or is it because your current system to manageyour clients has proved to be dysfunctional? No worries, you have come to theright place.In this article, we have put together the top 20 CRM software in 2021. Thereare more than a hundred CRM apps out there, claiming to be the best. They arein every form and style, can be free or expensive, and can even track yourclients or your deals with them or even the conversations.We’ve divided these 20 CRM apps into four categories according to theirfeatures and average pricing plan. From the lot, decide which one is betterfor your requirements. It’s not wise to force a square peg in a round hole,just because it’s free or looks pretty!So let’s first divide these into categories, for everyone’s sake.Contact management CRM 1. Batchbook 2. Nimble 3. Vtiger 4. Insightly 5. Clevertim 6. Google ContactsCRM for tracking conversations 1. Close.io 2. SalesforceIQ 3. Nutshell 4. ContactuallyCRM to follow up with leads and deals 1. Pipeliner 2. PipelineDeals 3. Base 4. Zoho CRM 5. Prosperworks 6. Pipedrive 7. HubSpot CRM 8. EngageBay 9. FreshsalesMultipurpose CRM 1. TrackVia 2. Odoo 3. PodioA customer relationship management app or software can be called as thenuclear of any business. Be it small or large, your company needs a CRM app todeliver a seamless customer experience. Not a single business can thrivewithout loyal and happy customers. Customer feedback then becomes the crust ofany good customer relationship.If you manage to handle both to go hand in hand, a powerful CRM with anengaging customer feedback system, you will be able to know your customers asyou should. A recent study by customer thermometer revealed that 68 percent ofyour customers leave due to the perceived interference. A CRM app is theperfect solution to be proactive and intuitive.

Tracking conversations with a CRM

Conversational CRMs surfaces the contacts that you need to follow up oridentifies promising leads. It helps to keep up with all the conversations youhave or manage multiple users in a conversation.

8: SalesforceIQ

Imagine that you had an assistant who goes through all your team’s emails andidentifies the most important contacts and then shares it with everyone whoneeds to be updated. That is SalesforceIQ. Though a part of Salesforce apps,Salesforce IQ couldn’t be more different from the rest. It has the most uniqueuser interface. Rather than packed with database fields that are customizable,SalesforceIQ focuses more onto your conversations. Formerly known as RelatelIQ, Salesforce will help you to get an overview of your relationship with thecustomers.Price: $69/user/month

What makes vtenext unique?

1. Built-in business process management engine. vtenext’s uniqueness comes from the platform’s natively integrated business process management engine. With this, users can set logic rules to map out and automate their workflows. 2. Enhanced lead management. The platform allows users to manage their potential and existing customers at the granular level by consolidating all customer information in a single hub. It records previous interactions and can even be used to track the buying stage of a lead so you can personalize your approach. 3. Streamlined customer management process. vtenext does not stop at customer relationship management. The platform is equipped with post-sales tools and customer service options to help you with retention efforts. 4. Open-source architecture. This platform is highly extensible and adaptable thanks to its open-source options. With this, you can configure the system however you prefer, extend its functions, or connect it to your existing systems. 5. Native mobile application. Last but not least, vtenext offers native mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. With this, users can easily oversee their CRM, BPM, and other processes without having to be in the office.

11. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM benefits are aplenty. It offers a complete customerrelationship management solution and then some. Thanks to its comprehensivefeatures, it currently holds the largest share in this market. Many expertsbelieve that this is due to the balance between simplicity and powerfulfunctions, and customers’ acquaintance with the experienced company that hasno issues standing up to the competition.Being a great CRM software for enterprises, Salesforce CRM intends to closeevery CRM gap and boost productivity using refined retention strategies,offering a variety of systems to choose from. With this platform, you getaccess to a wide range of functionalities, ranging from opportunity managementto lead routing, making it easier for you to streamline your process andmonitor your progress.Over 100,000 large, medium, and small businesses have entrusted their customerrelations to Salesforce as a top provider, primarily due to the reasonablepricing. Salesforce products are also impeccably integrated and come with oneof the friendliest and easiest-to-manage interfaces you’ve ever used.

Which CRM tool is best for your organization?

Although CRM software typically offer one-size-fits-all solutions, there areplatforms that are intrinsically built for particular activities andindustries. For instance, tools like Salesforce and Freshworks CRM specializein providing modules for customer engagement across different channels.Meanwhile, an app like Netsuite CRM shines with its total customer visibility.However, if what you’re after is flexibility across all functionalities, wehighly recommend HubSpot CRM.With it, organizations can manage hundreds or even thousands of customers on aglobal scale. You can also track interactions and manage relationships withcustomers and other stakeholders seamlessly across multiple channels, vital tosnaring digital customers amid COVID-19. Furthermore, the softwareconsolidates the data of sales and marketing to ensure the integrity ofinformation throughout your company’s workflows.Of course, many other CRM programs can fit your enterprise-wide needs. Thecomparison doesn’t just stop at features and benefits. It also spills over topricing, ease-of-use, aesthetics, and many other factors that you, as a user,find important. So, to help you dig deeper, have a look at our guide to thebest free CRM software solutions for 2021.Adam Goldberg is a senior market research analyst and one of the key customerexperience technology and CRM pioneers working for the FinancesOnline reviewteam. He has been cooperating with FinancesOnline for over 5 years now. Duringthat time Andrew has analyzed more than 2,000 CRM solutions and he’s well-known for his honest reviews and his unique perspective on challenges andopportunities posed by customer-centric innovation. He’s a strong believer inbusiness process automation and the role it plays in customer data management,conversational intelligence, and customer engagement. His work has beenmentioned in many major publications and media sites, including MSN, Springer,TheNextWeb, and CIO.Recommended CRM Software

Recommended CRM systems

These are some of the most recommended CRM systems on the market:A good business, whatever that may be, especially those that are CRM companiesare overly reliant on well-formed and cultivated customer relationships. Whena product is purchased, a lot more happens than a simple credit-debittransaction. Where did the customer find information about the product? Howmuch time did it take for the customer to make the purchase? When was the lasttime the customer made a purchase? Answers to questions like these lay thefoundation of the data that is stored in the contact solution part of a CRM.In the long run, the data and analysis provided by a CRM system can prove tobe an invaluable asset for the company.By acting as a central repository for all the information related to potentialand contemporary customers and clients and by allowing you to keep yourcontacts online, the contact manager of a CRM system helps a company, frommarketing to PR to CRM companies in the following ways:

Improved customer satisfaction levels

The more you know about your customer (their behaviors, preferences, andneeds), the better your chance of satisfying their needs and gaining theirtrust. This is where a contact management system of a CRM helps a lot.

Streamlining the sales pipeline

A sales pipeline is the process that begins with the first interaction madewith a customer and continues until an actual purchase is made. By using CRMs,businesses can streamline their pipelines and predict expected revenue byfinding out their customers’ typical churn rate and removing bottlenecks fromthe sales funnel.

The best CRM systems

Now that we have explored CRM system features and realized just how importanta contact database can be, let’s take a look while we do a CRM comparison atsome of the best CRM options available:

1. Salesforce

Salesforce: Full-Fledged and Customizable CRM AppFirst up, we have the industry leader, Salesforce.What makes Salesforce unique?While CRM app can take up to a year to become fully operational and useful toyour business, Salesforce is fast — you’re looking at months or weeks ratherthan up to a year. That’s a significant saving on time there.Known innovator, Salesforce is at the frontline of the SaaS industry helpingmillions of sales teams to automate and maximize their profits. (With over100,000 companies using it, it must be doing something right.) But perhaps theunique aspect of Salesforce’s CRM is its Trailblazer Community.Salesforce’s Trailblazers CommunityThousands (and thousands) of Salesforce customers frequent the community toshare tips, tricks and answer each other’s questions. No other CRM on themarket offers this kind of community video, and Salesforce’s own customerservice team regularly monitors the community to stay involved with theirusers.Salesforce continues to be the top choice for SaaS businesses, and why not.With Salesforce expanding its horizon from Saas to retail and instantmessaging by partnering with Yes Bank and acquiring Slack very recently, usershave all the more reasons to pick Salesforce CRM.Also, Salesforce has its mobile application one among the top treasuredWinter’20 features list. A sales rep can check deal notifications,appointments, and tasks, on the go with a seamless Lightning Experiencesimilar to the desktop on the Salesforce mobile app.Who is this CRM best suitable for?Any enterprise that’s looking for a full suite CRM that’s future proof with alot of customizations and numerous integration options available.How it all works?Salesforce works to make the circulation of information among your businessquick and easy. No more manual data entry. Phew.Monitor your progress, set targets, and increase your accuracy with salesforecasting, collaboration, and contact management. (Salesforce claims that itcan increase your revenue by a whopping 30%.)Salesforce Sales DashboardAutomation FeaturesSalesforce’s Process Builder lets you automate a whole range of tasks acrossthe sales process — email alerts, task assignment, as well as approvalrequests for travel and expense reports, etc. Go on, save yourself some time.Salesforce Process BuilderIntegrationsSalesforce is by itself a powerful CRM but you can empower it even more withSalesforce Integrations by Automate.io. Sales and Marketing Teams can automatetheir manual import/export and enhance their Salesforce platform. You can pushnew Facebook leads, automatically create contacts in Salesforce from formsubmissions, and much more.Sync leads to your database, collaborate better with your team, and make sureyou’re notified about new deals.Not just that, if you’re an eCommerce business, you can easily connect youreCommerce platform and payment apps to Salesforce.Pricing: Salesforce Sales Essential package starts at $25 per user/month forup to five users

2. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

Infusionsoft by Keap: Best CRM App for eCommerce BusinessesWhat makes Keap unique?Put in simple terms, Keap is one of the best CRM apps on the market fore-commerce and marketing.Unfortunately what also makes it unique is that you can’t sign up to it ontheir website. But a good old fashioned phone call later, and you can sign upfor a platform that will effectively handle your entire e-commerce workflow.Worth getting a top-up then.Keap is all set to rebrand Infusionsoft as Keap Max by February 2021, unifyingthe product line. This change will enable small businesses to bring marketingand sales automation easily to their businesses.Below is how the main dashboard will look like when you log into your Keapaccount:Keap by Infusionsoft DashboardWho is this CRM best suitable for?E-commerce merchants/businesses with 25 people or less looking to nurturetheir customers in a better way.How it all works?Keap is all about keeping your marketing processes running smoothly. As wellas managing your contacts and customer database in one handy place, you canuse it to create web forms, keep track of ROIs, launch sales campaigns, andthen even manage the shopping carts, coupon codes, product pages, etc. that goalong with it.With a range of customizable templates to work from and built-in lead scoring,so you know what’s working and where Keap helps you manage your campaigns withease.Customizable Templates for lead scoringAutomation FeaturesKeap’s campaign builder is designed to automatically assign tasks, as well astagging and following up on new leads, according to actions or timescales thatyou choose.Customers automatically get a personalized email when they pay, which savesyou time and lets them know what to expect next. This level of personalizationalso helps nurture your customers into returning customers, which is excellentfor your company’s bottom line.IntegrationsKeap by Infusionsoft launched its PayPal native integration, especially foreCommerce merchants. So, store owners who fall under the Keap Grow and Proplans can now accept payments via PayPal directly. Apart from this, if userswish to set up automated one-one or multi-step workflows between PayPal andKeap, Automate.io lets you do just that. Check out the PayPal and Keap byInfusionsoft integration.Connect Infusionsoft to Marketing, Payments & Form Apps. Sync, Collaborate,and be your Productive self with these Infusionsoft Integrations:Pricing: Starts at $79/month for 1 user with 500 contacts.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best CRM App

Best CRM Apps 2021 — | Unique Features | Best Suited For | Pricing Salesforce | – Fast and known for being at the frontline of the CRM industry– Salesforce wins in the easy to use category hands down.| Any enterprise that’s looking for a full suite CRM that’s future proof witha lot of customizations and numerous integration options available. |Salesforce Sales Essential package starts at $25 per user/month for up to fiveusers Keap by Infusionsoft | – While a lot of other CRMs in the market are gearedtowards sales teams, Keap by Infusionsoft is a unique blend of CRM ande-commerce marketing automation rolled into one. | E-commercemerchants/businesses with 25 people or less looking to nurture their customersin a better way. | Starts at $23/month for 1 user HubSpot CRM | – HubSpot’s CRM gives businesses a one-stop-shop for theirmarketing needs.– 1,000,000 contacts, unlimited users, and your free access to the CRM has notime limit.| Small businesses looking to get started with a functional CRM and who maywant to use the marketing features sooner or later. Also, it’s a good optionfor those who are conscious of price. | The core functions of HubSpot CRM isfree for everyone to use. Paid plans start from $50/mo Zoho CRM | – Its full suite of tools can be used to run entire businesses, notjust sections of it.– Zia – Artificial Intelligence to offer predictions on trends, anomalies,conversions, and deals closing– Zoho Bigin for small businesses| Teams looking for a full suite of business apps like CRM, Marketing, Serviceand Support. Also, forward-thinking enterprise teams who are willing tointroduce new technologies such as AI into their salesroom. | The standardplan starts at $12 per user/month Pipedrive | – Allows users to blind carbon copy a project-specific e-mailaddress, which will automatically populate into the CRM– The CRM has just introduced “Leadbooster”, a chat plug in| Smaller sales teams who manage intricate or lengthy sales processes. |Starts at $12.50 per user/month Freshsales | – Super easy-to-use and well-designed interface– Leads can be grouped and then assigned to specific people present in yourteam. This way, you can channel your team’s energy where it’s most needed| For sure Freshales is the best option for users of other Freshworks productslike Freshdesk, FreshMarketer, Freshchat, etc. This app is typical of packagesaimed at small to midsize businesses (SMBs) | Growth package starts at $28 peruser/month [when billed annually] Insightly | – Customizable customer record linking– You can scan business cards into the CRM using their purpose-built app| Sales and marketing teams who need a solution for their inside and outsidesales reps. | Starts at $29 per user/month on their Plus plan Capsule CRM | – Highly customizable and flexible contact storage using tags |Small businesses that are growing and need a CRM that can be customized totheir unique business needs, yet keeping it simple to use. | Freemium planavailable for up to 2 users, then $18/user a month on the Professional plan. LionDesk | – Bulk text messages – Can click to call, text, or email, individual contacts, or send bulk emails,texts, and even video, based on which campaign you have them on. | This CRM isbuilt specifically for sales teams in the Real Estate industry. | Starts at$25/month/user Nimble | – Nimble’s ‘Smart Contacts’ app will work its magic and gather asmuch social information from the web will provide. | SMBs! Nimble been namedthe market-leading small business CRM by G2 crowd for six years running. It’salso perfect for companies who use social media to drive sales and nurturetheir relationships. | Starts at $19 per user/month Copper | – Gsuite integration– Once your account is in order, you can access Copper right from Gmail orInbox by Gmail, as well as from the browser| SMBs, creatives, agencies, and consultants looking to organize their leadsand sales processes without a learning curve. | Basic package starts at $25per user/month EngageBay | – Simple and easy-to-setup CRM– Fully-integrated marketing & customer support suite– Customer Engagement Analytics| this CRM is the best for small and upcoming businesses who just want to getstarted with a simple and easy-to-setup CRM and who are also price-conscious.| Forever Free plan available with unlimited users, and paid plans for CRM &Sales Bay start from $12.99/mo per user. Streak | – It’s not really a CRM. It’s more of a CRM plugin– Plugin focuses on your inbox, specifically Gmail, and groups email threadsbased on your workflows.| Because it is limited to Gmail, Streak is ideal for freelance and smallbusiness. However, larger organizations that rely on Google’s email clientwill find the plugin useful. | Free plan for individuals available. The Soloplan starts at $19 per user/month. Microsoft Dynamics 365 | – ERP CRM software built for teams powered onMicrosoft suite– Predictive insights based on customer behavior data| Microsoft Dynamics is ideal for medium-sized and large enterprises. Since itis by Microsoft, it works great with teams using other Microsoft services.Given its high pricing structure, it is mostly tagged as enterprise CRMsoftware. | Paid plans start at $58/user/month Intercom | – A customer support app that can act as a CRM– Has detailed customer profiling| Intercom is primarily designed for support teams. It suits the needs ofsmall and medium businesses as well as large enterprises | Intercom paid plansstart at $39/month So, we’ve looked at some tried and tested performers as well as some up-and-coming new players. And there are a lot of great CRM options out there forbusinesses.But remember, it’s crucial to pick a CRM that’s going to work well with yourbusiness — and not investing in one because of its bells and whistles. Ifyou’re in the e-commerce space, you now have the luxury of picking a CRMthat’s built just for e-commerce businesses. On the flip side, if you’re afreelancer who wants a CRM app to integrate with your inbox, you can havethat, too.Whatever your business needs are, there’ll be a CRM app that will help youboost your sales, improve your contact management, and help you make the mostof the data you already have. If you want to offer better customer service andwin more deals — get a CRM!”

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