11 Computer Hardware Maintenance

Best Computer courses to study to get jobs easily

Students must choose courses wisely. One must always choose courses thatpromise jobs. Jobs are limited nowadays. But the competition for jobs is everincreasing! This has led to unemployment of large number of qualified youngmen and women. This is where computer courses come handy. These computercourses are usually completed in less time. Further, they guarantee easy jobs.Here, I will introduce to you some best computer courses (job opportunitywise).India is fast growing in the field of IT (Information Technology). Accordingto some reports, the revenue generated from IT exports in the year 2012 wasmore than $100 Billion! Thus IT offers great opportunities. Also, anengineering degree in IT is not always required to bag IT job. Many times, onecan get IT jobs after completing short courses of 6-1 year length. Thus,computer courses offer an array of advantages over other traditional courses.In a country like India, where the use of computers and internet is increasingeach year, the best step is to learn computer courses. Students who want jobsfast after graduation must read this article and choose the course that suitstheir interests.

3 Hardware and Networking courses

Many Indian students are well aware of these courses. Their advertisementkeeps appearing on Newspaper and TV every now and then. As they promise, thesecourses guarantee jobs (if you complete the course from a reputed institute).When it comes to computer hardware and networking, the most popular instituteis Jetking. They have a good placement record. They offer a variety ofcourses- long and short term. Bright students may also avail scholarships atJetking.After finishing this course, you may easily get jobs in various IT industries.If you think you have entrepreneurship in your blood, you may start a smallbusiness!

6 Cyber security courses

Many tasks are done online nowadays. Tasks like banking, paying bills,shopping etc are done online. This is convenient for people. But, at the sametime, they are facing huge security threats online. Cyber crimes areincreasing day by day.Cyber security courses are all about methods to ensure safety of people andbusinesses online. After completing this course, you may get hired as a‘security specialist’ of the computer systems. You may also work independentlyas an ethical hacker or security auditor.With online fraudsters getting smarter, companies are willing to hireefficient cyber security personnel. The salary is also great when it comes tothis job.

7 Microsoft Office and Typing courses

This is a very basic and simple course. It is basically meant for person whodoesn’t know much about using computers. It covers topics like MS Word, MSExcel, Power Point etc. Also, it is good to learn typing. This will improvetyping speed of a person.After finishing the above course, a person can comfortably take up data entryjobs. These jobs are not highly paying. But still, it is great for housewivesand old/retired folks.

9 Diploma in Computer Science

Like the above entry, this one also is a traditional Diploma course. Thecourse duration is 3 years. 10th passed students are eligible to pursue thiscourse. It is the minimum educational qualification required. It can also bepursued by 12th passed science stream (mathematics group) students.The course covers topics like software, hardware, computer application andprogramming. If you are willing to spend 3 years, this course will give yougood software and programming skills.After completing this Diploma course, one may go for Bachelor’s (Engineering)Degree by making use of the lateral entry. Diploma in Computer Science holdersmay secure admission directly in the 2nd year of Degree Engineering program!Some notable alternative courses include- Certificate in Computer Application,Diploma in Computer Software Technology, Diploma in Advanced SoftwareTechnology and Diploma in Hardware and Network Engineering.

10 Data Entry Operator course

This course will hone one’s typing skills and general data entry skills. Not ahigh profile course, but it will help one acquire entry level typing andoffice jobs. This course especially suits those who don’t have advancedknowledge about computers.Course duration may vary from one institute to another. Generally it is 6months long. Candidates belonging to any stream – arts, commerce or science –are eligible to pursue data entry training programs.

11 Computer Hardware Maintenance

Those who are not too keen about software may pursue this course. Hardwaremaintenance course focuses primarily on computer hardware components, commonproblems arising in them and repair work related to them.Students are given knowledge about common hardware components like printer,monitor, mouse etc. They are trained to carry out repair work related tocomputer hardware. If you are interested in networking, there are combinationcourses covering both hardware and networking topics.Some other notable job oriented computer courses include- game design anddevelopment, app design and development, computer operator course, DTP course,CCNA, LAN course, Blockchain Technology, graphic designing, digital marketingcourses, printing technology, ethical hacking courses and CAD (Computer AidedDesign). These courses are available in online and offline (regular) learningformats.These are some courses that you may pursue to get a job easily. Computers havestarted a revolution and changed our lives. They are here to stay. So why notmake use of this opportunity and progress in life? Hope you liked my article.Please write about your favorite courses in comments. Share this awesome article!Best Sites for Online Computer ClassesIf you’re looking to boost your computer skills, there are many free or low-cost classes you can take that will help you get hired or promoted. If you’reinterested in taking a class in-person, check with your local library, schooldistrict (many have adult education and vocational training programs), orcommunity college to see what’s available near you.For online courses, here are our top picks for the best free or low-costonline computer classes in several different categories including basiccomputer, data science and analytics, programming, marketing, productivity,and graphic design.

Basic Online Computer Classes & Courses

Here are some basic computer courses to help you improve your computer skills.LinkedIn Learning (Beginner Computer Skills Courses) LinkedIn is not just a professional social media platform, it is also amassive library of computer skills classes. A number of online reviews showLinkedIn Learning Center to be one of the best places for people to buildtheir basic computer skills.Also, if you haven’t already built a LinkedIn Profile, doing so will help youbecome acquainted with some critical computer skills to boost yourprofessional career (as well as help you connect with peers and potentialemployers). To sign up, begin here and follow the directions for setting upyour free account.LinkedIn Learning (Career Paths) These courses prepare you for jobs that are expected to have the greatestnumber of job openings, have had steady growth over the past four years, pay alivable wage, and require skills that can be learned online. 1. Become a Software Developer 2. Become a Sales Representative 3. Become a Project Manager 4. Become an IT Administrator (Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Certification) 5. Become a Customer Service Specialist 6. Become a Digital Marketing Specialist 7. Become IT Support / Help Desk (Prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification) 8. Become a Data Analyst 9. Become a Financial Analyst 10. Become a Graphic DesignerGoogle Career Certificates Google’s career certificate program provides the opportunity to learn job-ready skills to start or grow your career in high-demand fields. The coursescurrently available include IT Support and are hosted on Coursera. Grants andscholarships are available.Udemy (Computer Skills Courses) Udemy is not free, but they are low-cost (most courses cost less than $20).Their course catalog is vast. If you are looking to learn about specificcomputer skills or programs, you can use the search bar at the top to findwhat you are looking for.You’ll also notice that you can filter the search results by student reviewsand difficulty level. Lastly, you can click on each listed course to read anoverview, and watch a preview in order to decide whether or not you want topay for the course. At the end of the course, you receive a Udemy completioncertificate that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn Profile.Udemy: Master Computers – From Beginner to Expert in One Week This is one Udemy class that many students with bare minimum computerknowledge say they enjoyed. The instructor is a former college professor.Check out the preview on the right-hand side, and read through the courseoverview to see if this is a course you’d be interested in.Microsoft 365 Fundamentals This free, online curriculum focuses on becoming familiar with Microsoftsoftware (the main collection of productivity software on computers today), aswell as understanding the importance of SaaS and the cloud for today’scomputer users. Upon completing the required coursework, you may take an examand become certified. While the course is free, the exam does cost $99.Those that graduate from this course and pass the exam may continue theirMicrosoft education in courses like the Modern Desktop Administrator Associateand Enterprise Administrator Expert courses.

Productivity Software Skills Classes & Courses

Here are a few free and low-cost computer classes on productivity softwarethat will help you catch up or get ahead in your job (or job search).Microsoft Office Specialist The Specialist program works much the same way as the Microsoft 356Fundamentals course above. The classes are free, but if you want to advance tothe next intermediate and expert level courses, you have to pay money in orderto take and pass an exam. Nevertheless, if you feel that your MS Office skillsare mediocre, these courses will help you feel more competent in your MSOffice skills.Asana Academy Asana is currently one of the top and most often used productivity softwareprograms by businesses. Asana Academy provides basic and expert courses onboth their software and general productivity. And the best thing about it: allthe courses are free!Lynda.com: Trello Essential Training Course by Zack Arnold Trello is another high-value productivity software skill to have. One of themore popular (and free) online courses for Trello beginners is this Lynda.comcourse administered by Zack Arnold.While Lynda.com (an online learning center) is free for your first month,continuing membership after the first month will carry a charge. If you’vefound the site able to provide a lot of insightful courses, it may be worththe small investment.G Suite Learning Center Google Suite – or G Suite – provides a large selection of free instruction onall G Suite tools. This includes advanced email and calendar management, aswell as Google Docs and Cloud products/services. G Suite is the ultimatepackage for businesses that hire remote workers and freelancers. Becomingknowledgeable with all the different features in G Suite can significantlyboost your resume.

Computer Programming Skills Classes & Courses

Here are some of the top computer programming skills you can use to build yourcredentials.MIT Opencourseware: Introductory Programming Courses Massachusetts Institute of Technology is perhaps one of the world’s leadingtech universities. Naturally, tuition costs are extremely high. But the MITOpencourseware is a registry of free online classes. On this page, they’vededicated a section of their Opencourseware site to those interested inlearning computer programming.SoloLearn SoloLean offers more than 2,000 free courses and 15,000 quizzes that can bedone on any device at any time. Once you’ve complete a course, you’ll receivea new certification to add to their resume or LinkedIn profile.Youtube Channel: Adam Khoury If you learn well by watching and following along videos, the Adam Khourychannel on YouTube is one of the finest computer programming instructionalvideo series available. And because these are regular YouTube videos, you canaccess them for free.W3Schools.com W3Schools.com focuses on written instruction and coding exercises on theirsite. It is free for anyone to use. If you prefer video instruction, you maynot enjoy this site as much. However, the coding exercises are easy and fun touse. Any experienced computer programmer will tell you that the best way tolearn coding is to “tinker” with the language until you feel comfortable withit. There are also coding bootcamps you can sign up for to get your skills upto speed.App Academy App Academy is currently one of the most elite Silicon Valley computerprogramming schools in the United States. If you are looking for a 3-monthimmersive course on computer programming, the school offers their cohort trackat a substantial cost. However, if you prefer to access the full coursecurriculum online, you can do so for free and work at your own pace.edX Computer Science Unlike most of the courses listed here, edX is not free. In fact, some of thecourses could cost as much as $1,000. However, most of the courses are morereasonably priced, and graduating from an edX course is a bit more prestigiousthan graduating from a course on places like Udemy and Coursera. Also, thesecourses are considered low-cost when compared to many college-based graduatecertificate programs.If you are interested in investing in an edX course, you won’t bedisappointed. However, you might grab the computer programming basics from oneof the free sites below first, and then choose a coding language specialtywithin edX.

Marketing Software Skills Classes & Courses

Here are some of the best-rated marketing software classes online.Hubspot Academy Hubspot is a marketing automation and CRM software company. For the past fewyears, they’ve managed to lead the way in helping sales and marketing headsdevelop strong inbound marketing techniques and compelling content for theirwebsite. All courses are free, and many of them offer industry-reveredcertifications. For example, an Inbound Certification through Hubspot Academyis a highly sought-after credential in the greater marketing community.SEMrush Academy SEMrush is a search engine optimization (SEO) software provider that helpswebsites examine data regarding their web traffic. Search engines (likeGoogle) are constantly crawling the web for great content. When Google findsit, they begin recommending that content to Google users looking for answersto their questions on that topic.That being said, there is so much content online (much of it well-developed)that ranking high (as in, landing on the first page near the top) is hardwork. SEO experts are in high demand for businesses and organizations lookingto increase their ranking on Google. SEMrush offers a wide array of free andvaluable courses to help you master search engine optimization.Facebook Blueprint Facebook is not just a popular social media site. It is also a marketing tool.Those that are experts at Facebook and Instagram (these are two social mediasites maintained by Facebook) marketing are valuable to businesses andinfluencers. All Facebook Blueprint courses are free.Depending on how proficient you wish to become, you can pass exams and becomecertified in a few different tracks within Facebook Blueprint.Hootsuite Academy Hootsuite is a social media management software company that also provides ahigh volume of free social media marketing training. While most of the coursesare free, some of their courses will cost you money. Through HootsuiteAcademy, you’ll understand how to manage professional social media profiles,oversee content marketing strategy, and more.Google Academy (Exceed LMS) Search engine optimization is what it is today because of Google. GoogleAcademy offers courses in analytics, paid digital advertising, video marketing(YouTube), business directories, and more. Best of all, it is all free.

Graphic Design Software Skills Classes & Courses

If you’re interested in graphic design, these classes will help you build yourskill set.Adobe HelpX To date, no other graphic design software provides the capabilities of Adobesoftware. Delivering expert photo/video editing, logo design, animation,website development, and more, the wide array of Adobe products enablesgraphic designers to do incredible things at all levels.Adobe’s tutorial articles and videos are housed within their HelpX page. Allthe tutorials are free, and if you desire more intensive courses orapprenticeships, Adobe provides those on a spectrum of costs, as well. If youare unfamiliar with Adobe programs, it may be best to purchase and thencomplete tutorials in Photoshop and InDesign.YouTube Channel: Adam Khoury Correct, we recommended this YouTube channel for computer programming courses,but Adam Khoury’s channel also offers a significant amount of graphic designcourses, too. And it’s free.Skillshare Skillshare is an education site much like Udemy, Coursera, and Lynda.com. Youget your first two months free, but after that there is a monthly cost toaccess classes. They have a significant library on a variety of subjectmatter, but their graphic design courses are highly recommended by industryexperts.Canva Design School Canva is a graphic design online service that also has training courses. Theyoffer free training on graphic design in general, as well as specializedtraining on their own software. While professional programs like Adobe aremore robust, there is a lot of professional-level graphic design you can dowith Canva, as well as learning basic graphic design principles.Coursera (Graphic Design Courses) Coursera is going to look and feel a lot like Skillshare, except you get onlyone month free instead of two months. However, in a single month, there are anumber of graphic design software classes that you can take to further yourtraining. As you shop for courses, pay attention to student ratings, as wellas any recommended prerequisite courses to take first.”

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