1 JavaScript automation testing framework for 2018 by the

What is a Test Automation Framework?

A test automation framework is a comprehensive set of guidelines and rulescreated to make test automation efficient and effective. A framework iscomprised of a combination of test tools and practices that are designed tohelp QA specialist test more efficiently.Test Automation Frameworks are an essential part of any successful automatedtesting process. A framework allows testers with less experience to managesophisticated testing on shorter development cycles. Frameworks incorporatecomponents such as: * Coding standards * Test data handling * Object repository treatments * Log configurations * Rules for writing test cases * Test results and reporting practices

Benefits of a Test Automation Framework

Consider a simple scenario. Let’s say you are working in a testing teamcomprising of 5 members. Now, if each one of you uses your own technique towrite the automation script, it will lead to a divergent style of coding.Moreover, the entire team may not be able to leverage common pieces of codeand scripts. This is where test automation frameworks come into the picture.So, with an automation framework you can: * Establish a universal standard for testers * Fasten the test progress * Maintain the test code easily * Eliminate the human error * Test the application effectively * Achieve continuous testing and delivery * Save time, effort and moneyUse of an automation framework in any project leads to the followingadvantages:So, technically test automation frameworks, when designed and implementedcorrectly, deliver frequent and stable automated test code. There aredifferent types of frameworks. Now lets’ look at what each framework is builtto accomplish, along with their pros and cons.

Linear Automation Framework

It is a basic level test automation framework which is in the form of ‘Recordand Playback’ in a linear fashion. In this type of framework, creation andexecution of test script are done individually for each test caseindividually. The tester records each step such as navigation, user input, orcheckpoints, and then plays the script to automatically conduct the test fromthe beginning in sequential order. This type of framework is mostly used totest small sized applications.Advantages * Expertise in test automation is not necessary * Test workflow is easier to understand for any party involved in testing * One of the fastest way to generate test scriptsDisadvantages * The scripts developed using this framework aren’t reusable * Maintainance is a hassle because any changes to the application will require a lot of rework

Building a Data-Driven Framework using Selenium

Demand for web development and software testing is huge. As a result, a lot oftools are being released into the market and competition is much stronger thanever. But so far, no one has outshone Selenium in terms of popularity and use.The biggest sweet spot of Selenium is the fact that it is completely free todownload and use. Testers can craft their tests in many programming languages,including Java, C

1 JavaScript automation testing framework for 2018 by the

stateofjs survey. Jest was developed by Facebook and used to test JavaScriptcodes, especially applications developed using React JS.

Is Jest The Best JavaScript Automation Testing Framework For You?

Well, whether you want to use Jest or Jasmine depends entirely on yourrequirement. If your project requires debugging the test cases in an IDE thatdoes not support Jest, Jasmine is obviously the best choice. Still, I wouldsuggest giving Jest a shot is totally worth it because of the investmentsFacebook is currently making and the positive experience that the Reactdevelopers community is getting.Run Your First Jest Automation Script On An Online Selenium Grid

Is Mocha The Best JavaScript Automation Testing Framework For You?

Well, the time required for setup and configuration makes Mocha a less popularframework. Organizations who have switched to Jest have found no betteralternative. Jest makes testing a lot faster with very little requirement forconfiguration. Although the ecosystem of Mocha is quite vast, the complexitythat comes with it is not sometimes worth.

Is Jasmine The Best JavaScript Automation Testing Framework For You?

If your project is large and requires integrating it with external librariesthen obviously Jasmine is the best choice because of its age and large userbase. If your project is small and especially if you are using React JS, wewould suggest using Jest because of its rising popularity among other users.Now, that we are done with the top 3 testing frameworks as per stateofjs 2018.I will be highlighting some frameworks which although are not a part of thesurvey but are considered very useful by the testing community in my opinion.Execute Your First Automation Script With Selenium & Jasmine.

Is Nightwatch The Best JavaScript Automation Testing Framework For You?

For an end to end testing of Node.js based web applications, Nightwatch isobviously the best but if you think about the bigger picture, it has a lot ofdependencies. You don’t have that much choice of using external unit testingapplications and has lesser support than Protractor or WebDriverIO.Nightwatch.js Tutorial For Test Automation Beginners – With Examples

Is Protractor The Best JavaScript Automation Testing Framework For You?

Once again, Protractor is the best framework for testing Angular applicationsbut since it works only for Chrome, it’s better to use Selenium if yourproject demands cross-browser testing. Selenium works fine for Angularapplications and providing XPath will also define waits and other locators.Selenium also has huge community support and makes cross-browser testingeasier because of its support over multiple browsers.Read More: Automated Cross Browser Testing With Protractor & Selenium

Is Selenium The Best JavaScript Automation Testing Framework For You?

Well, when it comes to automated cross browser testing, there is no betterframework than Selenium. The pros of Selenium highly outweigh the cons and thefact that it comes free of cost makes it a preferred tool by manyorganizations. The issues that testers are currently facing with olddocumentation and lack of plugins are soon going to be resolved with thelaunch of Selenium 4.PERFORM AUTOMATION TESTING WITHSELENIUM GRID 2000+ BrowsersFREE SIGNUP

Work on an Automation Testing Project using Selenium & Cucumber

Firstly, the key objective of Automation Tester Course Online is to learnnumerous Test Automation Tools and Skills from a Project Perspective and putthe Project Essentials into practice based on hands-on Automation TestingProject Examples. This approach helps trainees to quickly and productively addTest Automation Tools in demand to CV instead of inefficiently spendingseveral months learning them from a theory perspective.Secondly, you would work on an Automation Testing Project using Cucumber BDDand Selenium Webdriver – which would be reviewed by a professional mentor”

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