1 How to backup whatsapp messages from iphone to PC

1. How to backup whatsapp messages from iphone to PC?

The steps are easy to follow and within a couple of clicks you will be able tosave WhatsApp chats to PC successfully.Step 1 . Install dr.fone software from the official site. From the toolboxselect- Restore Social App. Plug in iPhone to your PC.Step 2 . Now, click on “WhatsApp” and then select “Backup WhatsAppmessages” to save WhatsApp messages.Step 3 . dr.fone will now start the backup process of WhatsApp messages onyour iPhone to PC.Step 4 . When the backup process is completed, a pop will appear stating –Backup successfully. You can click on the button – View it to check whattype of data is saved on your device.Step 5 . Now you can choose the backup file you just made and move forward.Step 6. You will find the WhatsApp chats and attachments which include photos,documents, videos, musisc and more on this page. Just choose the type ofWhatsApp messages you need and save them to the computer.* * *

2. How to backup whatsapp messages from android to PC?

If you want to save WhatsApp messages from Android to PC, then you can use ouranother option “Recover” within the dr.fone. This will enable you toselectively copy WhatsApp messages, media, photos and more to computer justwithin several steps.Note: This method can help you find both existing and deleted WhatsAppmessages on Android to PC.Free Download Free DownloadStep 1. To begin with, you just need to download and run the dr.fone and findthe “Recover” option on the main page as shown below. Then please connectyour device into the computer.Step 2. Next, please tap on “recover phone data” on the left side and thencontinue to click on “WhatsApp messages &attachments”. After that, pleaseclick on “next”.Step 3. The program will begin to scan the WhatsApp messages and attachmentsin this step.Step 4. After that, you will be able to find the WhatsApp data on yourAndroid. Now please select the wanted files and save WhatsApp chat history andattachments to PC or to another phone.

Solution 4: Migrate WhatsApp Chat History from Android to iPhone 8/X

through Move to iOSIf you are an Apple fan, then this app won’t be unfamiliar to you. Move toiOS, an application developed by Apple company, can help users to transferfiles and data from Android to iOS.Android users are required to install it from Google Play, and you can referto how to transfer data from Android to new iPhone for details.That’s all about how to shift WhatsApp messages from from HTC, Samsung, Nokia,Motorola and more to iPhone 8/X, these solutions also work on other iOS model.How To Backup Whatsapp Messages From iPhone To ComputerBackup Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to Computer is a process that everysmartphone user would like to know how to perform efficiently. But you maywonder why such a backup is necessary.

Part 1:How to Backup WhatsApp Messages from iPhone

Step 1.Connect iPhone/iPad to Computer Launch the Phone Toolkit on your PC or Mac and click “Restore Social App“,this function not only can help you backup your WhatsApp/LINE/Viber/Kik/Wechatchat history, but also helps you transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone toiPhone or Android phone.To backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone/iPad to computer, you need to choose“Backup WhatsApp messages“.Then connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer via USB cable, you can see thescreenshot as below.Step 2. Start to Backup iPhone WhatsApp Messages Your iPhone/iPad device will be detected, when recognized sussessfuly, pleaseclick “Backup” button to begin backup WhatsApp chat history from iPhone tocomputer.After backing up your WhatsApp data completed, the program will tips youbackup successfully, please click “View it” to check the backup WhatsApp data.Step 3. View the Backup History The software shows all backup history, if you want to veiw the backed upWhatsApp contents, please select it and click “View” button.Step 4. Export WhatsApp Data to Computer or Restore them to iOS/Android deviceSelectively As the below screenshot, you can veiw all the details one by one. If you wantto backup WhatsApp data to computer, please click “Export to PC“; If you wantto restore the backup WhatsApp data to your phone, please click “Restore toDevice” button, please keep reading the below guide, we will shows you how torestore WhatsApp messages and WhatsApp message attachments to iPhone/iPad orAndroid devices.

Part 2: Backup WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to PC directly

If you want to directly back up WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to PC, you couldmake use of some iPhone data backup software tool. Leawo iOS Data Recovery isone of them. As a professional iOS data recovery software tool, Leawo iOS DataRecovery could not only help you back up iPhone data to PC, but also recoverdeleted iPhone data. It supports to back up and recover up to 14 types of dataand files including photos, videos, notes, books, bookmark, reminders,WhatsApp, WhatsApp attachment, etc. You could directly back up WhatsAppmessages from iPhone to PC. Download and install Leawo iOS Data Recovery on your computer. It has bothWindows and Mac versions.

Part 3: Backup WhatsApp Messages from iTunes Backup to PC

We all know that iTunes is the data management center that enables Apple users(iOS devices) to manage purchases. It enables you to freely back up iPhone toiTunes library. Therefore, you could back up WhatsApp messages to iTunes so asto back up WhatsApp messages from iPhone to PC.To back up WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iTunes, you need to connect youriPhone to computer and then launch iTunes, go to “Device Name > Summary > ThisComputer > Back Up Now”. However, we need to know that iTunes will back upyour entire iPhone, and you can’t view the iTunes backup directly. Actually,you could recover WhatsApp messages from iTunes backup selectively to PC withLeawo iOS Data Recovery.The below steps would show you how to recover and back up WhatsApp chats fromiTunes backup to PC. Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer and launch Leawo iOS Data Recovery.Choose “Recover Data from iTunes Backup” mode on the main interface. Thenselect the backup in which your WhatsApp chats have been saved and backed upand click “Scan” button.Step 2: After scanning, 12 kinds of data will be listed on the left sidebar,including Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, Contacts, Messages, etc.Tap on “WhatsApp” to preview all messages. Then check those messages andattachments you want to recover. Then click the “Recover” button at the bottomright corner.Step 3: After that, on the “Recover Files” dialog, set output directory tosave the WhatsApp chats file you want to back up and restore. Then click the“Go” button to start to back up WhatsApp messages to computer.You could then view the entire recovery procedure. After backup completes, youcould then open the backup folder to view the exported WhatsApp chats file.You could get detailed guide on how to restore data from iTunes backup.

Part 4: Backup WhatsApp Messages from iCloud Backup to PC

Download and install Leawo iOS Data Recovery on your computer. Then follow thebelow steps to learn how to recover WhatsApp for iPhone.For iPhone users, iCloud must be a familiar thing since it could help you backup all your data and files on iPhone to iCloud. This also works for WhatsAppchats backup. You could back up WhatsApp conversation with iCloud. And iCloudis very easy to operate on your iPhone.You could follow the below steps to learn how to backup WhatsApp messages toiCloud for backing up to PC: 1. Open “Settings” app on iPhone, tap on your Apple ID on the top, find iCloud, slide down to find iCloud Drive, turn it on, and make sure WhatsApp option is enabled as well. 2. Back to WhatsApp, tap “Settings”, find “Chats > Chat Backup”, and tap on “Back Up Now” to save your messages to iCloud. You can also set your chats to be backed up automatically every week, every month, etc. In this way, you could also restore WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup byuninstalling and re-installing WhatsApp on your iPhone and logging in with thesame account.It’s quite easy for you to back up WhatsApp messages to iCloud. However,iCloud has very limited storage space. You may need to purchase extra storageto get successful iCloud backup. And meanwhile, it’s troublesome to uninstalland reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone.Actually, Leawo iOS Data Recovery could help you directly back up and restoreWhatsApp chats from iCloud backup to PC. The following steps would show youhow to do this. Step 1: Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery and choose “Recover from iCloud Backup” inthe window. Then log in iCloud with your Apple ID.Step 2. Select your iPhone backup to scan and click “Download” at the bottomright corner to scan the iCloud backup. Leawo iOS Data Recovery will start todownload the iCloud backup.Step 3. After scanning, you could see 12 kinds of data listed on the leftsidebar: Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, Contacts, Messages, etc.Tap on “WhatsApp” to preview all the messages, and click “WhatsAppAttachments” to preview all the videos, photos, etc., attached to WhatsApp.Then mark those messages and attachments you want to recover.Step 4. A dialog pops up after the recover button is clicked. Hit “Open” inthe dialog to choose a folder on your computer to save the exported files, andthen click “Go” to start extracting WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup.You then only need to wait for the backup and restore it to complete. If youwant a detailed guide on how to recover data from iCloud backup with Leawo iOSData Recovery.How to Recover WhatsApp Messages on iPhone X Easily

Step 1. Run iPhone Data Recovery

Free Download, install and run the recovery software for WhatsApp messages.

Part 6. Recommendation

Now that you know how to read deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone, you maywant to start keeping a copy of your chat history. It’s smart to keep aduplicate, so you won’t lose a single message again. WhatsApp allows you toexport your conversation thread to your email. Here’s how you can do that.1. Launch WhatsApp and open the chat thread you wish to email.2. Tap the contact’s name or conversation subject. Hit Export Chat.3. You have the option to export the thread with or without the mediaattachments. Tap Attach Media if you wish to have the media files uploaded toyour email as well, or Without Media if you have no need for them.4. Tap Mail and type in your email address.5. Click Send to export your messages to your email.How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to AndroidOwning an iPhone has been the latest trend for quite a while now, but notanymore. Because of their reluctance to change and come up with new excitingfeatures, iPhone users are now switching to Android devices.However, the cost of changing from an iPhone to an Android hits hard becauseof compatibility issues in their systems. Thus, if you have important WhatsAppmessages in your iPhone and you change to an Android device, you risk losingyour data.But this shouldn’t be the case. This guide will introduce two reliablesolutions that will help you transfer your WhatsApp messages from your iOSdevice to your Android with ease.> 1. Transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android > 2. How to back up WhatsApp messages from iPhone to PC

How to back up WhatsApp messages from iPhone to PC

With the help of Forecovery WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore toolkit, youcan back up your WhatsApp messages to your computer with ease. If you havealready connected your iPhone to your computer, then follow the steps below:Step 1: Choose the “Back Up WhatsApp Messages On Device” option on the programinterface.Step 2: Next, select “Backup” and the backup process will begin. You canobserve the progress of the backup on the highlighted progress bar on yourWindows.Step 4: Once the process is complete, you can view the backed up list on“Restore WhatsApp to Device” option. Tap on “Next” to continue.Note: On the Forecover Phone Transfer Lite, you can preview all your backed upfiles on PC without restore to your phone. WhatsApp attachments and messagesare displayed separately.How to Extract WhatsApp Messages from iPhone Backup to MacWhatsApp is no doubt the must-have app which makes it easy to keep in touchwith friends and family. It allows notifications to be pushed instantly, whichassures timely communication. A the messages in WhatsApp are so important,many people wonder if there’s a way to extract WhatsApp messages from backupto Mac so that you can have a copy of the chat history on your computer?In fact, you have 2 methods to choose from, which will be explained in thefollowing paragraphs.Before you start the process, download and install WhatsApp Message Extractorfor Mac (also named Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery) to your Mac. It’s thetool you need in order to extract WhatsApp messages to Mac. The software isavailable for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and other iPhonemodels. It is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks,10.8 Mountain Lion and earlier versions. For Windows version, go to WhatsAppMessage Extractor.

2. Backup WhatsApp Messages with Ease

However,The risk of accidentally losing WhatsApp chat history is increasing at thesame time. If you don’t want to lose the precious WhatsApp history, you haveto back up iPhone WhatsApp timely. WhatsApp support team makes it clear thatthey can’t help users back up or recover messages though.Thus, how to backup WhatsApp messages? Two options for you to choose, eitherbackup to iTunes or to iCloud. This article will show you the simple steps asbelow.

Backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to computer – video demo

Update May 2018: this article was originally published in Sep 2017 and hassince been updated. in this update, we changed the screenshots to reflect thechange of the latest version of the iPhone WhatsApp backup software.

Backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to computer

This Whatsapp data backup solution will backup all your WhatsApp chat history,including photos, videos received in Whatsapp from iPhone to computer. This isthe one-click full WhatsApp backup solution. To export messages, photos,videos from WhatsApp on iPhone to a PC or Mac becomes extremely easy with thisnew WhatsApp backup tool. Basically what you need to do is to launch thisWhatsApp backup tool on your computer, then connect up iPhone to computer viaUSB, the WhatsApp backup tool will detect your phone, you just need to clickthe Backup button to instantly back up WhatsApp messages and files from iPhoneto PC or Mac.

1. Backup WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Computer MobileTrans –

WhatsApp Transfer?The second option is to backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to PC via athird-party tool. MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer has a high performance whenit comes to the backing and restoring data, WhatsApp chats included.MobileTrans lets you easily transfer WhatsApp history and chats as thetransfer is not restricted. All you need is three simple steps and yourWhatsApp data such as pictures, messages, attachments, and many more will betransferred from your iPhone to the PC.Features that make MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer an after-sought Backup andRestore AppBackup WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to PC With 1 Click! * • Backup WhatsApp chat history, photos, videos and attachments easier than before. * • Transfer WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android and vice-versa. * • Backup your KIK, LINE, Viber, and other chats easily. * • Transfer process is fast and safe, no data loss. 4,085,556 people have downloaded it4.5/5 ExcellentFollow these steps for a successful backup.Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the PCAfter a successful download and launch, start the WhatsApp backup iPhone to pcby choosing the “Backup WhatsApp messages” option.Next, connect your iPhone as an external device, to the computer. The computershould send you an alert that a new device has been found.Step 2: Begin the backup processAs soon as the computer recognizes your device, the recovery process is just aclick away. Click the “Start” option to enable the backing up procedure tocommence. There is a progress bar that will be highlighting time duration leftfor the backup to be completed.Learn more from our YouTube tutorial:

Step 1: Backup WhatsApp messages on the iPhone

1. First, you should download the MobileTrans program on your computer. Launch the program soon after the successful installation and then connect your iPhone with the PC. Try It Free Try It Free 2. Next select ‘WhatsApp Transfer’ from the home screen of MobileTrans. This option deals with all sorts of restore process in social apps. 3. In the left panel, you can find many options like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, etc. Choose ‘WhatsApp’ from the left panel of the screen and select the “Backup WhatsApp messages” option. 4. MobileTrans will detect your WhatsApp on your computer. Press the ‘Start’ button at the right bottom of the screen to trigger the transfer. 5. Finally, the transfer process ends, thereby creating a backup of the WhatsApp messages on the iPhone.

Step 2: Restore WhatsApp backup from iPhone to android

1. Open your MobileTrans and connect your android phone with the PC. 2. Next, select “WhatsApp Transfer” from the home screen of MobileTrans and then choose “Restore to device” under WhatsApp tab. 3. Then you will see the former backups you have made on your computer. Just select your iPhone backups to restore. 4. After that, you can see the backup file on your iPhone has been restored to your Android phone.”

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