How to become a software engineer without a college degree

Become A Computer Software Engineer Without A Degree

Software Engineering is a worldwide industry that can open new horizons for technological advancements and career growth. While employment rates in other sectors are continually fluctuating, IT is continuously on the rise. More and more people want to learn software engineering and become web developers, computer programmers, and software engineers. As a result of these market trends, people are now breaking into computer software engineering in various avenues other than the traditional four-year computer science degree.

11 Steps to Becoming a Software Engineer (Without a CS Degree) 1. Step #1: Be crystal clear about your end goal (and commit to it) 2. Step #2: Choose a language to learn. 3. Step #3: Practice…and practice some more. 4. Step #4: Use tools that real developers use. 5. Step #5: Read other people’s code. 6. Step #6: Find a community. 7. Step #7: Build projects. 8. Step #8: Cultivate your professional network.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay This post is based on my own experience. In the current economy (as of 2019), becoming a Software Engineer is financially rewarding. Quite rewarding, as a matter of fact. A couple example webpages below should demonstrate this point. In 2013, I was living in a room rented from a house shared with the landlord. At the age of thirty, I was particularly upset about this fact. I desperately wanted a job that could pay decently so that I could afford a decent life for myself, for my wife, and eventually for my children. I had discovered that

I had a passion about programming from five years of writing data analysis and plasma physics simulation code in grad school. So I decided to become a Software Engineer, even though I didn’t have a degree in Computer Science. Fortunately, it turns out it was the right choice. And because of that, I have fulfilled my wish about having a decent living for myself and my family. Now, allow me to share my views on what takes to become a Software Engineer without a Computer Science degree. First, you need to be determined. The reward is very high, but it is going

to be a tough journey, especially when you have to juggle your time with your other full-time responsibilities, like a job or raising kids. Second, be prepared. I will explain below how to prepare, which is the meat of


How To Become A Software Engineer Without A Degree

How To Become A Software Engineer Without A College Degree

Before getting started, understand that the following steps are specific for those looking for a full-time job (I abbreviate as FTJ) as a software They’ll be less helpful for the person who is: But those are all great things to be aiming toward, and the rest of the blog is full of content about these topics too! Now, let’s dive into the 11 steps of how to become a software engineer.

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